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about not only about the newly born residents of the park, but for all the animals on Earth.Guo Geng said, "When▓ I was a middle school student, I went every day to▓ the Temple of Heaven Park, whic

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h is near my school, to do morning exercises. I saw a kind of owl quite often an▓d I thought I could connect with them. I think the kids wh

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o love animals are closer to them than scientists i▓n a lab."After graduating from the university, economic major Guo Geng was recruited by a trade c

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ompany. B▓ut his concern about animals never faded. The more successfu▓l he was at his job, the more he longed to return ▓to nature.Guo said, "In my fift

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h year at the company, my boss collaborated with the Wildlife Conservation Association and set up an endangered animal protection center. ▓I realized that my opportunity had come."The cente▓r was inaugurated in January 1987 and Guo Geng was ▓assigned as its first animal keeper.To him, the day he first took car

  • sp;The UN conference on climate change has opened in Copenghagen, De▓nmark. I
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  • erence of its kind in history, ▓and leaders from around the world seem motivated to mak
  • e env▓ironmental protection a priority as the world climate keeps ▓degenerating. In conjun

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e of the animals was significant.Guo said, "It was January 21st, my birthday. From that day I started my years with monkeys." The first monkeys they looked after were golden monkeys. Later, he also spent seven years taki▓ng care of a Chimpanzee. One day, when

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zed that he was on▓ly a warden of an animal's prison. He started to w▓rite

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articles and make speeches to call on people to pay ▓more attent

Beijing.David's Dee r Park in Beij ing ▓is about to become home to a n ew fawn. Guo G eng and hi s colleagues are anxiously waiting for a doe t o give birth. T?/a> 坔e fawn will be t he first artific ially inseminated Davi d's▓ deer in the world. I n Chinese, these d eer are called Mil▓u. As an ani mal rights activ ist, Guo cares 辛集市5G 延寿县5G 宁乡县5G 宁陵县5G 安阳市wap 博野县5G 新兴县wap 云浮市5G 临沂市5G 韶关市wap 赣州市5G 射洪县wap 太康县5G 阿坝藏族羌族自治州5G 呼伦贝尔市5G 霸州市5G 梁河县wap 磐安县5G 安泽县5G 定陶县5G 手机单职业传奇私服 传奇私服脱机外挂破解版 电脑玩不了传奇私服 刀塔传奇私服贴吧 传奇私服免费加速器 最新传奇私服新开网 传奇私服安卓版下载 传奇私服收费外挂哪个好 开传奇私服视频教程 最新传奇私服外挂免费版